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April 2020

  • Carlos André Viana

    Interview: Carlos André Viana, Photographer

    Carlos André Viana is a professional photographer with several years as amateur and then professional, in the areas of Wedding, Commercial Product, Architecture, Sports and Artistic Events, and image edition/desktop publishing…

  • Carolina Esteban

    Interview: Carolina Esteban, photographer

    Carolina Esteban was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1980. She is a Spanish Designer based in Madrid. She is a self-taught photographer, loves photography and everything she had learned has been…

  • profilna_Anja-Papuga

    Interview: Anja Papuga, Photographer

    Anja Papuga is a Slovenian photographer, currently based in Piran. Born with a keen eye and a sense of beauty. She cherishes slow quiet mornings, wavy days by the sea, long…

  • Profile-foto-MiquelVeit

    Interview: Miquel Veit, photographer

    Miquel Veit was born in Brazil and his heart is shared between Santa Catarina (Brazil) and Catalunya (Spain). Since being a child, he was inspired by nature and was influenced by…


    Interview: Violeta Arriaga, Photographer

    Violeta Arriaga is a photographer and teacher from Ciudad Real, Spain. She does personal projects of artistic photography. Transforming Reality into Art: An Interview with Photographer Violeta Arriaga You can find…


    Interview: Eylül Ezik, photographer

    Born in Bursa (Turkey) in 1987, Eylül Ezik is a fashion photographer based in Istanbul(Turkey). She is graduated from Istanbul university, English Literature and then having a passion for photography she…

  • Tijana-Jankovic-Jevric-Miss-Stills-Photography-02-768x373

    Interview: Tijana Jankovic-Jevric, Photographer

    Tijana Jankovic-Jevric (1981) lives in Belgrade. She studied Cinematography and Media Production. Tijana is the founder of webzine as well as its Editor in chief. Like a photographer she creates as Miss Stills.…

  • Monika-Baro

    Interview: Monika Baro, Photographer

    Monika is an artist from Transylvania born in 1990, grown up in the Carpathian Mountains, living in Budapest since 2010. She loves to spend time in nature, to listen to music,…

  • Tijana Lubura

    Interview: Tijana Lubura, photographer

    Tijana Lubura is an architect by education and an art photographer by profession. She was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1984. She used to live in Qatar, Russia and Montenegro…

  • Jose Navarro

    Interview: Jose Navarro, photographer

    Hi Jose, tell me a little about yourself. Hello Jernej, I´m Jose Navarro from Murcia, Spain. I´m a photographer and videographer for more than 15 years. I have worked for many…