I am Jernej (pronounced ‘yer-nay’) from Slovenia. By education, I am a graduate engineer in marine engineering, and by profession, I am a freelance photographer.

And now I am starting my blog. Do you want to know why? It all began in November 2016 when I came across this Instagram profile: @kaihornung

Up to then I had seen 9,347,930,483,795 beautiful photos on the Internet, but those … they took my breath away. How can I take such brilliant photos and make my Instagram profile look like Kai’s? Frankly, I have no idea. But with hard work and learning I am sure I can get there. Someday.

Expano, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
Expano, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

After that, things started to move at great speed.

I spent my afternoons (after work) throughout December 2016 by lakes and rivers, freezing my ass off and waiting for the sundown. At nights I worked on the shots I took and searched the World Wide Web far and wide, reading everything I could find on photography and watching every YouTube video available. I wanted my photos to be the best. Just like Kai’s.

Of course, they were not like his. But they were definitely better than the ones I had taken with my phone. My Instagram posts started getting more likes and I kept getting more followers. Wow! 🙂

So I continued, taking photos and counting likes. And I also noticed more comments and messages. First, words of praise, followed by questions and requests for advice.

  • What camera do you use?
  • What settings did you use for this photo?
  • Which photo editing software do you use?
  • How do I start in photography?
  • How long have you been doing photography?
  • Which camera and lens should I buy?

I must say, I get pretty excited every time I get such a message. It does feel special when someone appreciates your work.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer all the questions in a few brief lines. I have a better idea, though.

Because of this, I decided to start a blog about how I work, photograph, and edit my photos. I have also added an “Interviews” category where I interview other photographers. By publishing their interviews, I help them introduce themselves. They can share the link to the interview on social media and add it to their website or resume. I think it’s a great reference.

What do I write about on the blog?

It’s best to describe the categories you can explore to find the best content on photography:

Software and Editing

Here I post articles about how I edit my photos. I also have a YouTube channel where you can watch videos of me editing photos, with an emphasis on before and after previews.

Photo Gallery

Here you can view galleries of photos I have taken. Each gallery also includes a description of the photo spot, some interesting facts about it, and tips on how to take photos at that or similar photo spots.

Tips and Tricks

In the “Tips and Tricks” category, you can read short tips and instructions on how to improve your photography. Even if you’ve heard or read these things before, it’s good to refresh your knowledge or get a new idea.

Social Media

Social networks are a part of our lives. Read about how photographers can make better use of them to showcase their work. Get noticed by others!


There is no fun without an attractive wallpaper on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. In this category, I will prepare the most beautiful wallpapers that can be found. They are adapted for all screens. The motifs cater to all tastes.

Interviews with Photographers

As I mentioned, interviews are intended for photographers who want to introduce themselves online. It’s a great opportunity for free promotion. If you want to be interviewed, contact me. I’ll send you the questions; you answer them, and you’ll be visible online.

Where can you follow me?

You can follow me on social media, and if you have a specific question, you can also contact me by email.

Enjoy reading and stay tuned 😉