Uncover the Top Brooklyn Bridge Photo Spots: Pro Tips


I’m sure you’ve already seen the Brooklyn Bridge, even if you may not have recognized it by name. Yes, this bridge is a true legend. It appears in many movies, TV shows, posters, and backgrounds for computers or phones. I have decided to explore the history of this bridge and find out what the Brooklyn Bridge photo spots are. And of course, as a photographer, I’m interested in where and how to photograph it when I go on vacation in New York. I recently did a similar post about Central Park, another legendary spot in New York.

What are the Brooklyn Bridge photo spots?

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic symbols of New York and a popular destination for photographers from all around the world. From the historic Dumbo district to the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge Park, in this post, I will reveal the best spots for photographing this landmark.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

Dumbo, Brooklyn
Dumbo, Brooklyn.

In the Dumbo district of Brooklyn, you’ll find one of the most famous points for photographing this masterpiece. Washington Street is the street where the bridge stretches between two buildings, creating an unforgettable scene. The best time to visit Dumbo is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the light is most beautiful and there isn’t much crowding. The golden or blue hour adds lovely color contrasts and soft shadows that you can capture in your photos. Use a wide-angle lens to encompass the entire width of the Brooklyn Bridge and surrounding buildings. Play with depth of field.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is another exceptional location for photography. The park offers various angles, from stunning views of the bridge from the promenade to interesting perspectives captured from the meadow. Try photographing it from below to emphasize its grandeur and architectural details. You know the trick: If you shoot something from below, it will look like a superhero. Water elements in the park, such as fountains or reflections on the river, will add interest and depth to your photos. The park also hosts various activities, like picnics, concerts, and outdoor movie screenings, offering more photographic opportunities and networking with people and photographers.

Manhattan Bridge

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Bridge
View of the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge is another spot from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Access to the Manhattan Bridge is possible from Pike Slip Street, which ends at Jay Street in Brooklyn. From there, you will have a direct view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Try to capture it through the structure of the Manhattan Bridge, creating an interesting frame and contrast between the two bridges. The area around the Manhattan Bridge offers a vibrant urban atmosphere. Use it to add interesting elements to your photos.

Brooklyn Bridge Online Resources

Let’s dive into the bridge’s history, significance, and popularity

Brooklyn Bridge history

Built between 1869 and 1883, it is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Architect John Augustus Roebling designed the bridge to connect the then-separate cities of New York and Brooklyn. Constructed from stone and steel and supported by massive granite pillars, this has contributed to its durability and recognizability.

Brooklyn Bridges history significance and popularity
Brooklyn Bridges history significance and popularity.

The Bridge’s Significance for New York

It quickly became a symbol of New York and the connection between two important parts of the city. It served as a key transportation artery, helping the growth and development of both areas of the city. Today, it remains an essential part of the city’s infrastructure while symbolizing the connection, innovation, and perseverance characteristic of the spirit of New York and the USA.

Why the Brooklyn Bridge is a Popular Photography Location

Due to its architecture, history, and iconic status, it is also a popular location for photography enthusiasts. It offers us spectacular views of New York and the East River, inspiring both professional photographers and photography lovers. Because of its position and unique features, it serves as an excellent subject for various types of photos. You can capture portraits, urban photography, sunrises or sunsets, and nighttime shots.

Photographing from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge

Top of the Brooklyn Bridge
Top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

You have to capture it from the top. A visit to the Brooklyn Bridge is not complete without photographing it from its peak. Climbing the bridge offers unforgettable views of New York and its iconic buildings, such as the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. To ensure safe and successful photography, follow these tips: Stay on the pedestrian path and remain within the safety railings. The bridge is still a key transportation artery. Avoid photographing in the bike lane, as this can create dangerous situations for you and cyclists.

The Best Time to Visit the Bridge

Brooklyn Bridges history significance and popularity
Brooklyn Bridges history significance and popularity.

The best time to visit is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when crowds are smaller and the light is most beautiful. Early morning hours also offer the opportunity to capture the stunning colors and soft shadows of dawn. At this time, you’re also less likely to encounter cyclists and other visitors.

Unique Views of New York

The unique views of New York from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge are truly amazing. From this perspective, you’ll capture panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the East River. From here, you can observe iconic New York buildings rising above the cityscape. You’ll enjoy the contrast between the classic architecture of the bridge and the modern skyscrapers. Don’t forget to pause and savor the moment as you capture a piece of history and the beauty of this extraordinary city with your camera.

Nighttime photography of the Brooklyn Bridge

You know what? The bridge becomes even more stunning at night. At that time, the illuminated pillars and cables rise above the dark sky. Night photography offers the opportunity to create unique and magical shots.

Brooklyn Bridge night photo
Brooklyn Bridge night photo.

Night photography is a wonderful experience that allows you to capture unique and magical shots of this iconic landmark. By following the tips below, you’ll be able to create amazing photographs that will captivate viewers and capture the essence of New York at night. Already know which one-word Instagram caption you’ll use for your post?

Beautiful Views of the Illuminated Bridge

The most beautiful views of the illuminated bridge are available from various locations. Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park are still excellent choices, as they offer panoramic views of the lit-up bridge and city. Explore the surroundings of the Manhattan Bridge, where you’ll find interesting angles of the bridge illuminated in nighttime colors.

How to Photograph

Technical tips for night photography include using a tripod, which allows you to select a longer exposure time for capturing good shots. Use a remote shutter release or self-timer to reduce camera shake. With a tripod, you can use a lower ISO value. Adjust the exposure time and aperture to find the right combination for your scene. Using manual mode will give you better control over these settings.

Light and reflection

Do you like reflections in the water? Capture the interplay of light and reflections on the water. Position yourself in a spot where the bridge’s reflections are visible on the surface of the East River. In Brooklyn Bridge Park or along the riverside walkways in Dumbo, you can find a suitable spot. For better reflections on the water, try using a longer exposure time, creating a softer, more dreamlike effect. Consider using a polarizing filter, which will help you reduce glare and emphasize reflections on the water.

Hidden corners and unusual perspectives of the Brooklyn Bridge

Exploring lesser-known photography spots and finding unique angles and perspectives can yield refreshing and interesting photos. I’ve gathered some information on hidden corners, seeking unusual perspectives, and the challenges and rewards of exploration.

aerial photo of the Brooklyn Bridge
Aerial photo of the Brooklyn Bridge.

By exploring hidden corners and seeking unusual perspectives of the Brooklyn Bridge, you can create unique and stunning photographs. This way, you can delve into the history, architecture, and urban landscape of New York and capture the essence of this iconic landmark from a completely new point of view.

Lesser-Known Spots

Lesser-known photography spots can be found by moving away from typical locations and exploring nearby neighborhoods, such as Vinegar Hill and the Fulton Ferry District. Investigate industrial areas along the river, where you may encounter beautiful views of the bridge. Don’t forget to explore the lower part as well, where interesting architectural details often go unnoticed.

Unique angles and perspectives

Brooklyn Bridge shot from the road
Brooklyn Bridge shot from the road.

How do I find unique angles and perspectives? Be curious and bold in your exploration. Try looking through structures such as fences, benches, or trees to create interesting frames for the bridge. Find reflections on surrounding buildings, glass surfaces, or even puddles (if you can’t find any, you can create one with a water bottle), adding depth and interest to your photographs. Utilize various elevation angles by photographing the bridge from below or from a higher position.

Exploration is often rewarded.

The challenges and rewards of exploration involve dealing with unfamiliar and perhaps less comfortable environments. However, exploring new and unusual locations is worth the effort, as it produces unique and exceptional photographs. In this process, you’ll also learn more about the Brooklyn Bridge, its history, and its surrounding neighborhoods. This will enable you to create more in-depth and engaging stories with your photographs. If you just look at social media, many successful photos are unique and taken from one-of-a-kind locations and perspectives. Simply copying other positions may not be the best idea. My advice is this: first, take photos from known locations to get to know the surroundings and the subject as a warm-up. Then go exploring and try to create something better than the rest.

Maximizing your Instagram reach with Brooklyn Bridge hashtags

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most iconic locations in New York, offers a plethora of opportunities for photography that you can share on Instagram. Hashtags are a great way to reach a larger audience and ensure your photos are seen by people interested in the Brooklyn Bridge.

Popular hashtags you can use include:

  • #BrooklynBridge
  • #NewYork
  • #NYC
  • #BigApple
  • #Manhattan

Don’t forget those that are more specific, like:

  • #BrooklynBridgePhotography
  • #BrooklynBridgeSunset
  • #BrooklynBridgeView

It’s also helpful to use general hashtags about photography and travel, such as

  • #Travel
  • #Photography
  • #Cityscape
  • #Wanderlust

To optimize your visibility, you can also try creative combinations like:

  • #BrooklynBridgeLove
  • #NYCBridges

Using these hashtags will help your amazing images of the Brooklyn Bridge reach the widest possible audience on Instagram!


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We’ve explored the best photography locations for the Brooklyn Bridge, from popular spots like Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Manhattan Bridge to hidden corners and unusual perspectives that you can find through exploration and experimentation. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, visiting these locations will offer you unforgettable experiences and opportunities to create stunning photographs.

It’s important to recognize the value of these historical and cultural landmarks and preserve them for future generations. Although you may not have thought about it, documenting these landscape and architectural wonders through photography contributes to their preservation and raises awareness of their significance.

I invite you to share your photographs and photography experiences with us. Post your photos on social media or on our blog to inspire and delight other photography lovers. Together, we can celebrate the beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge and spread the love for photography while preserving memories of this iconic monument.

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