Pump Track Odranci, Slovenia Captured

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Have you captured any new snaps lately? Jernej is here again, and today I’m sharing my latest adventure in sports photography. I’m a total adrenaline junkie, and sports photography is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Every time there’s a sports event happening near me, I get super excited to go and capture it!

pumptrack odranci, slovenia 3
A picture of a cyclist navigating a turn with a blurred motion effect, capturing the speed and movement of the rider as they maneuver through the bend.

Capturing the Excitement of Pump Track Racing in Odranci, Slovenia

Recently, I covered a pump track race in Odranci, Prekmurje, Slovenia, and let me tell you, it was lit! I used my trusty Sony A7 III, and the results were: WOW! I mean, capturing a biker flying by at breakneck speed with a click of a button doesn’t get more exhilarating than that. As always at these kinds of events, I met some cool people, swapped contacts, and even arranged for a future photo shoot. That’s what I love about shooting events, you get to capture amazing snaps and also make some cool new friends. I can’t wait for the next season and more races!

Show me your Pump Track Racing Snaps!

So, what do you think of my snaps? Have you ever shot a pump track race? If yes, I’d love to see your snaps too! You can hit me up on email or Twitter at @JernejLetica and send me your pictures. I might even feature them in my next post!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and see you around!

pumptrack odranci, slovenia 2
A rider is seen soaring through a berm on the pump track, his body leaning into the turn as he navigates the circuit of bumps and jumps. The image showcases the adrenaline-fueled race on a BMX bike, navigating a circuit of bumps and jumps.

Introducing: An Action-Packed Sport and a Photographer’s Adventure

Oh, I almost forgot to give you more information about pump track racing! It is a type of BMX and mountain biking race where riders navigate a circuit of bumps and jumps using momentum and pumping (hence the name “pump track”) to maintain speed. It’s a high-energy, fast-paced sport that requires skill, technique, and bravery. The races are usually held on a purpose-built track with a series of berms, rollers, and jumps. It’s a blast to watch and even more fun to shoot!

Sports Photography: A New Challenge on the Track

As a photographer, pump track racing offers a unique challenge. You have to be quick on your feet to capture the riders as they zoom by, but also make sure to capture the intensity and excitement of the race. I love the fast pace and the fact that every race is different, so there’s always a new shot to capture. Plus, you get to be up close and personal with the action, which is always a thrill.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of pump track racing and why I love it so much. If you have any suggestions for my next post or any questions about it, feel free to drop me a comment below or hit me up on Twitter!

pumptrack odranci, slovenia 4
The rider on the scooter focuses his gaze intently on the track ahead.

Everything You Need to Know About the Exciting World of Pump Track Racing Photography: An Expert Q&A

What is the definition of “pump track racing”?

Pump track racing is a type of BMX and mountain biking race where riders navigate a circuit of bumps and jumps using momentum and pumping to maintain speed. It’s a high-energy and fast-paced sport that requires skill, technique, and bravery.

What makes this sport unique for photographers?

Capturing this sport provides a unique challenge for photographers. It requires quick reflexes to capture the riders in action, as well as the intensity and excitement of the event. This sport offers a fast pace and the opportunity to be up close to the action.

How does the rider maintain speed during the race?

The rider navigates the circuit using momentum and pumping techniques to maintain speed.

What is required to participate in this sport?

To participate in this high-energy sport, a rider needs skill, technique, and bravery.

Where are these types of races usually held?

These races are usually held on purpose-built tracks with berms, rollers, and jumps.

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