DALL-E 3 Aspect Ratio: The Quick Guide

Lately, I’ve been testing DALL-E 3, and it’s super fun. Check out the compositions it allows.

Composition in DALL-E 3: When you create an image with DALL-E 3, the default composition is square. DALL-E 3 can also create horizontal and vertical compositions. When you give it instructions, tell it what kind of composition you want.

What are the image resolution and ratios in DALL-E 3?

  • Square: 1024×1024 , ratio 1:1
  • Portrait: 1024×1792, rato 4:7
  • Landscape: 1792×1024, ratio 7:4

As you can see, the aspect ratio is a bit awkwardly done. The vertical and horizontal ratios don’t conform to any photo standards. However, if you want a perfect photo for Instagram in a 4:5 ratio or any other, you’ll need to edit it in some cropping software, like Adobe Photoshop, for instance.

How do I write a prompt to create a horizontal, vertical, or square image?

So, the default composition is square. But what if we want a horizontal or vertical layout?

Horizontal Layout

The horizontal layout is the one that’s horizontal, a landscape orientation. For example, let’s look at my prompt for the nature picture below:

Create a horizontal photo for me. It should have mountains in the background and a lake in the foreground. There should be stones in the lake, visible in the shallow water at the front of the picture. Let it be evening, with stars and a single moon. The season should be winter, with everything covered in snow.

So, here you see the product. Oh, why one moon? The program has its limitations. When I gave it a command in one of the previous prompts to add a moon to the picture, it drew three moons. Funny.

Vertical Layout

This is the layout that’s suitable for the background of our phone. With a little creativity, you can make a new background that only you will have. Isn’t that great?

Let’s look at the prompt for vertical layout.

Create a vertical photo. Let it be winter with snow, and let it be snowing. A road leading to an alpine village. In the village, there should also be a church, and the village should be illuminated with lights. Let it be almost night, with stars and a moon in the sky. A red Lamborghini is driving along the road towards the village. Beside the road, there should be prestigious advertising billboards with the logo of Bitcoin.

That’s it for today. I plan to write a longer and more extensive article on how to use DALL-E 3.

Stay tuned.

See you!

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