Interview: Alexia Liakounakou, Photographer


Alexia Liakounakou is a photographer with a PhD in social anthropology. She was born in the USA and raised in Greece. She now lives in Greece. Capturing ssence: the multifaceted world of Alexia Liakounakou’s photography You can find Alexia Liakounakou here: Website: E-mail: Instagram: @alexia.lia Facebook: @AlexiiaLia Hi Alexia, how long have you … Read more

Interview: Tijana Lubura, photographer

Tijana Lubura

Tijana Lubura is an architect by education and an art photographer by profession. She was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1984. She used to live in Qatar, Russia, and Montenegro before she settled in Belgrade, Serbia. She founded the photographic group “Grupa 32” (“Group 32”) in 2010 in Belgrade and organized several exhibitions … Read more

Interview: Roberto Pazzi, Photographer

Roberto Pazzi

Born in Milan (Italy) in 1973, Roberto Pazzi is a self-taught, award-winning travel photographer based in Palma (Spain). He graduated in engineering, and he loves to travel. Capturing life’s unforgettable moments: an interview with Roberto Pazzi, photographer You can find Roberto Pazzi here: Website: E-mail: Instagram: @roberto_pazzi_photography Twitter: @RobertoPazziPh Linkedin: @robertopazzi Facebook: @RobertoPazziPhotographer … Read more

Interview: Conchi Martínez, photographer


Conchi Martínez was born in Soria (Spain), but shortly after, her family moved to Barcelona, where she’s lived since then. Transforming reality into art: an exclusive interview with photographer Conchi Martínez You can find Conchi Martínez here: Website: E-mail: Twitter: Linkedin:ínez-jiménez Facebook: Conchi Martínez studied math at the university and … Read more