Metelkova, Ljubljana: An Alternative Hub for Photographers

How are you? A few days ago, I posted an article where I edited a photo of graffiti from Metelkova in Ljubljana using Adobe Lightroom. I also recorded a video and uploaded it on YouTube. Have you seen it? What do you think of the edit?

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So today, I will be posting the remaining photos from Metelkova, Ljubljana. I have already written a few words about this wonderful and interesting place in Ljubljana. I can say again that I really like this place. I like to visit it whenever possible. It is a truly interesting place for photography. If you are a photography enthusiast like me, I recommend a visit. I am sure the pictures on Instagram will definitely impress your followers. Before we dive into the article, I’d like to invite you to check out some posts that will surely come in handy. First is an article about bokeh titled What is Bokeh in Photography? where you’ll learn about bokeh and blurred backgrounds. Knowing bokeh will definitely be useful if you’re visiting Metelkova or a similar place. Then, there are two articles from the world of social media. In When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?, I explain the optimal posting time on Instagram, and the One Word Instagram Caption article tells you how to create an Instagram post with just one word.

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Really cool, isn’t it? 🙂

Alright, let’s move on to the article and photo gallery

What is Metelkova?

Metelkova is an alternative cultural center that developed from former military barracks in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It has become one of the most well-known places in Ljubljana, combining various artistic genres and events. There are many clubs and bars located here that regularly host concerts and unique club events with underground artists and DJs from around the world. The center also hosts art performances, exhibitions, and sometimes festivals. With a lively daily program of events, it attracts visitors every day of the week. Visitors are diverse, including students, fans of underground music, and passersby who enjoy nightlife.


The history of Metelkova as a cultural center dates back to 1993, when a group of about 200 volunteers occupied part of the barracks complex, preventing the demolition of the abandoned military complex. This was done by an independent association of mostly underground artists and intellectuals, known as the Metelkova Network. After that, the former Austro-Hungarian military barracks from the 19th century were transformed by numerous well-known and lesser-known Slovenian artists. As it is a thriving place for free creativity, the complex is constantly changing.

Okay, enough of the boring journalistic writing and history. I never enjoy reading, researching, and then writing summaries of these things. 🙂 I have something more interesting for you. I found reviews written by visitors about Metelkova. This is truly fascinating reading.

Are you ready?

What did visitors say about Metelkova?

Thomas: This area is excellent for a visit. It’s truly a place for artists, so please don’t harass the locals or take their photos. The art is really cool, and the area is very interesting to visit. It may not seem the safest, but I haven’t seen anything scary. The area is pleasant for a walk outside of the city center.

Inez: If you like alternative things and places and/or graffiti as a form of art, then I really recommend you visit this place. It’s not dangerous at all, and it’s only a 10- to 12-minute walk from the center. It’s also close to the train station.

Marie: An old military barracks taken over by squatters to prevent its demolition. It’s now a social and cultural center that hosts regular events. Worth a visit. about a 15-minute walk from the old town center.

Nickof: I walked here on a hot Monday. There’s not much going on, but it’s something different to see for a short while. Worth a short walk and a visit.

Agnes: You must visit this part of Ljubljana if you’re interested in alternative art, alternative ways of living, or if you’re a rebel against capitalism or at least don’t like it. 12,000 square meters of squat, anarchist graffiti everywhere, friendly people. Really cool.

Tjasa: This neighborhood near the center of Ljubljana always surprises me with its diversity and creativity. Every time I visit, I feel like I have discovered something new. I am especially fascinated by the small details that can be overlooked in just one visit. That is why I keep coming back to Metelkova, knowing that there are many more discoveries and new experiences waiting for me there. Additionally, I find that Metelkova has a very unique atmosphere that I cannot find anywhere else. For anyone who loves art, culture, and boldness, Metelkova should definitely be on their list of places to visit.

Christian: During the day, the “anarchist” area of Metelkova is very, very quiet. Maybe the anarchists are still sound asleep after last night’s party? Anyway, this small area is full of picturesque graffiti and probably offers the best photo opportunities in the whole city. You can “do” it in 15 minutes. People who have visited Copenhagen will think of the “lawless” area of Christiania, which is, however, much larger and offers much more than just graffiti. I think it would be more fair to visit Metelkova at night, when the anarchists are alive.

Ciao&Aloha: It was a cool place to see, and the people were friendly and hospitable. I went at 11:00 AM, and a group of residents I encountered were cleaning up from the previous night’s party.

Photo Gallery

Now it’s time for the photo gallery that I promised you. How did I edit the photos? This time, I wanted to keep the representation as true as possible. So there wasn’t much editing. These photos are edited more in the way you see them on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. I have to admit, I really like them.

A clay statue with a graffiti in the background
A clay statue with a graffiti in the background.
Unusual sculpture of a little girl
Unusual sculpture of a little girl.
Scultpure in Metelkova, Ljubljana
Scultpure in Metelkova, Ljubljana.
Sculpture with a flag
Sculpture with a flag.
Orange and teal-colored graffiti of a girl
Orange and teal-colored graffiti of a girl.
Metal structure
Metal structure.
Graffiti of a girl without arms on a red background
Graffiti of a girl without arms on a red background.
Graffiti at Metelkova, Ljubljana
Graffiti at Metelkova, Ljubljana.
Entrance door to the underground scene
Entrance door to the underground scene.
Clay sculpture of a girl
Clay sculpture of a girl.
An unusual sculpture and prison bars
An unusual sculpture and prison bars.
A strange dumpster on Metelkova
A strange dumpster on Metelkova.
Red bicycle and red graffiti
Red bicycle and red graffiti.

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