Breathtaking Photos of Santa Monica Pier

Photos of Santa Monica Pier

Hello shutterbugs, 🙂 I’m back again, your enthusiastic photographer and traveler who loves exploring the beautiful world around us. A few days ago, I found some stunning photos of Santa Monica Pier online, and I decided to explore this place a bit more. So today, I will introduce you to this famous pier, considered one … Read more

Central Park Photo Spots

central park photo spots

Hello Shutterbugs, How are you? 🙂 I’ve been working on this fantastic guide for you for quite some time. Today, we’ll be discussing the best Central Park photo spots. I got this idea after re-watching the movie Home Alone 2, which was filmed in New York City. This movie has always been dear to my … Read more

Europe Direct Pomurje: Opportunities in the EU

Europe Direct Pomurje

Hello friends, My workday is behind me. My friend Grega Donša, the leader of the Europe Direct Information Point in Pomurje, invited me to an event organized by his team. Speakers at the event presented mobility programs for young entrepreneurs as well as the Eures and Europass networks. The event took place at MIKK Murska Sobota. Europe Direct … Read more

Hangar-7: Red Bull Meets Art and Architecture


Hello shutterbugs, I’ve been editing some photos that you’ve never seen before. I took them at Hangar-7 in Salzburg. Well, I finally finished editing them, and now I can share them. Hangar-7 is a museum in Salzburg, Austria. I stumbled upon it on Instagram. Someone posted photos of this beautiful museum, and Instagram’s algorithm found … Read more

Bike Park Kranjska Gora, Slovenia in Photos

Bike Park Kranjska Gora

Morning, shutterbugs! 🙂 How are you all doing today? Have you snapped any photos lately? Over here in Slovenia, it’s still pretty chilly, so I haven’t been too keen on venturing out. Just waiting for summertime. So I’ve been getting into some editing and revisiting old photos, and I came across some dope shots from … Read more

Pump Track Odranci, Slovenia Captured

pumptrack odranci, slovenia 6

How’s life treating y’all today? 🙂 Have you captured any new snaps lately? Jernej is here again, and today I’m sharing my latest adventure in sports photography. I’m a total adrenaline junkie, and sports photography is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Every time there’s a sports event happening near me, I get super … Read more

Hiking & Capturing Alpine Choughs at Viševnik

Mountain Choughs on Viševnik

Good morning, fellow photography enthusiasts! How are you all doing? I trust that you are well and will continue to capture stunning images with your lenses. Today, I wish to divulge one of my favorite photography locations that’s sure to appeal to all nature and hiking aficionados. Discovering Beauty: A Guide to Hiking and Capturing … Read more

Shutter Speed Soars: Mastering Long Exposure Drone Photography

Long Exposure Drone Shots

Morning, shutterbugs! 🙂 How’s it going? Have you snapped any cool pictures lately? I’m always on the lookout for new photography adventures, and lately I’ve been getting into long exposures with my drone. Let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride! Take your photography to new heights with drone long exposures: My latest adventure! … Read more

Big charity event Podarimo srečo (“Give Happiness”) (22.12.2022)

Il Divji

Photo gallery from the big charity event Podarimo srečo (“Give Happiness”) (22.12.2022), at which the following artists performed: Nika Zorjan, Isaac Palma, Emkej, Il Divji, Mia Guček, Ansambel Aktual, Žan Videc, Nina Lampret, Vita Renko and the pupils of the primary school Osnovna šola IV Murska Sobota. A few words about the performers at the … Read more